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  • A stock image of partially blurred HTML code on a screen.

    To Hire Or Not To Hire

    This article was published on: March 20, 2020

    What I’m about to say is going to both sound very counterproductive on my part, and likely come as an annoyance to my colleagues…But please hear me out; maybe, just maybe, you don’t need to hire a Web Designer. In fact in today’s online world, I hate to say it but you don’t need to hire […]

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  • a screenshot of a cell shaded sword mesh.

    3DS MAX Cell Shading Tutorial

    This article was published on: April 16, 2012

    This tutorial will instruct you as a modeler to create cell shaded models. It does not, however cover the modeling process. I originally developed this tutorial for use with the Software Development Kit used to make new models. Intermediate Players Modelling. View my original article here This tutorial will instruct you as a modeler to […]

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  • A game screenshot of the character War, from Darksiders.

    Game Design Tips 2 : That Pesky Character Development

    This article was published on: June 29, 2011

    As we discussed in the last section, one of the primary and sometimes most intricate and difficult parts of designing a game is the story. But in order for a story to work; you have to have characters, and if you intend to give the player (or in the case of just a story, the […]

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  • A screenshot from Halo Reach

    Halo Reach Beta Improvements

    This article was published on: April 20, 2010

    Halo: Reach hits multiplayer beta on May 3rd, and so far has gamers in a tizzy.  From what has been unveiled so far it would appear that Reach has the potential to take game of the year, and according to 1up.com is currently ranking second in the top 10 most anticipated Xbox 360 games of 2010.  So what is […]

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  • a stock image of glasses laying on a notebook.

    Game Development Tips: Starting The Story

    This article was published on: April 19, 2010

    Who wouldn’t want to design games? It’s creative, rewarding, and with constant advancements in technology, pretty exciting too. We have all painted a picture, doodled a sketch, written a story, or made a wobbly piece of pottery at some time in our lives, so why not embrace the art form of Game Design. Making games can […]

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