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Game Design Tips 2 : That Pesky Character 

As we discussed in the last section, one of the primary and sometimes most intricate and difficult parts of designing a game is the story. But in order for a story to work; you have to have characters, and if you intend to give the player (or in the case of just a story, the reader) something to drive them and make them want to continue the story, then you need to have deep believable characters. They need to feel real, there are features that are essential to a good character. Think of it kind of like a recipe, with the right ingredients anyone has the potential to make strong character.

Potential however can be as far as it goes, just like with following a recipe to cook, if you are not a good chef then you are less likely to succeed and in the same sense not everyone can write a GOOD story, or develop worthwhile characters.

The common assumption seems to be that since the characters in games can be seen and heard, that we as consumers will be more willing to connect with them on an emotional level. This can happen, and is probably true for most cases…that is assuming that said character actually has emotions of their own. Vigil Games created the game Darksiders, in which there is a war between Heaven and Hell (though they are very careful not to be so religious as to have God and Satan have a throw-down, and merely refer to a Creator and a Destroyer.)

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