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I have other web-based applications that I need to host, can you host those?

Provided the application in question is Linux-based, then generally the answer should be yes, and I am capable of finding solutions for Windows-based applications at a higher cost.  And while pricing will vary for such services across the board, the actual capability for me to host them will vary based on my experience with that solution.

Contact me for more information.

My hosting costs are higher than the plans advertised, why?

In short, the advertised hosting plans are aimed at small to medium-sized websites with light to moderate traffic and data storage requirements.  If your project is going to require more resources, (this is especially true of any video hosting), then your plan may need to be adjusted accordingly.

Additionally, if you frequently exceed your servers memory or storage limits, I may contact you about adjusting your plan.

When the Design is paid off, will my bill for hosting change?

In short, yes.  The amount may vary based on your required hosting environment.  Contact me for more details.

Can I pay of the Design balance early?

Absolutely.  And it’s important to remember that your design cost is not gaining interest, the amount you have remaining is all that needs to be paid there are no fees associated with paying the balance off early.  If you need an update on your remaining balance and cannot find it on the Client Dashboard, please contact me.

Can I take my website and host it elsewhere once it’s designed?

The duration I require your site to be hosted with me is only as long as a balance remains on the cost of the design.  Once that is paid you are free to move the site as you wish (Please note that depending on licenses for certain fonts or images, you may not be allowed to host those elsewhere.  But this will have been made clear in the project proposal), and may contact me for copies of your files.

What kind of Web Design is included in the hosting plans?

The design services included with hosting plans are full-featured, meaning that there are no hard caps or limitations provided what you’re looking for is both possible and within my skill-set (this can be determined during the project quote).  However the included design work is based on the initial project quote, once a project outline is agreed upon between the client and myself, any additional design work may be subject to additional charges.  Usually at an hourly-rate.