Patrick Barnhardt


A photograph of Patrick Barnhardt for the Resume

Date of Birth
December 29, 1990


I am a Front-End Web Designer, occasional developer, Video-game Developer, and 3D Modeler/Animator from Charlotte, NC. Through my attempt at an indie game studio, Helical Games, I  gained experiences in brand strategy, creative direction and project management. I have been working on web since 2005 and on 3D modeling since 2008, I have an AAS in Simulation and Game Design and an A+ Certification, and am currently working on a Bachelors in Software Development. I have acted as a speaker for the Game Developers Alliance at UNCC teaching aspiring developers to use Unreal Engine 4, and serve annually on the SCC Advisory Board to help them shape their Game Design courses. I am a flexible learner, and have self-taught in numerous software packages. Currently my strongest point is in front-end department and design.  I maintain the design, development, and hosting of this website/resume, and I make Video-games in my spare time.


The purpose of this resume is to provide a complete summary of my qualifications, as such you may find information unrelated to specific positions here, as it is not as targeted as it might be if sent to a specific industry. I do not list this resume here in hopes of it being found and used as a motivation for a corporate hire, the main focus of my work here and what I post on this site is a movement towards my Freelance endeavours. Aside from Freelance work, I am only seeking Full-Time, Salaried employment. Please DO NOT contact me about Part-Time, Contract, or Contract-To-Hire positions.